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Whether you’re a small or medium-sized business, or a large enterprise, you need a reliable phone system that enhances productivity and brings real value to your organization.

If you’re like many companies, however, the way your business communicates has transformed in recent years. It’s highly likely that your on-premises phone network has not kept up with the times.

If you’ve outgrown your phone network, consider ShoreTel Connect CLOUD—a hosted, cloud-based phone system that provides powerful features no legacy system can match:

  • Mobile technology lets you take the functionality of a
    desk phone anywhere.
  • Enjoy superior call quality and reliability via private
  • “Click to Dial” functionality improves efficiency.
  • Inbound screen pops increase service levels.
  • Automated call note entry boosts productivity.
  • ShoreTel Sky fully integrates with your CRM and ERP solutions.
  • The web-based content center enables your
  • management to quickly review critical business metrics.
  • The easy-to-use web portal and dashboard let you
  • configure and manage the system to your specific needs.
  • ShoreTel’s voice software is proprietary—there are no
  • third-party providers between you and your remotely-managed phone network.

ShoreTel’s cloud-based system replaces both the onsite phone system and the telco provider—you get a single invoice, a single point of contact for support, and a single provider who takes accountability seriously.

Best of all, because ShoreTel assumes the responsibility and expense of maintaining the network, you gain greater flexibility for your business’ IT spend.

Contact us today to learn exactly what a ShoreTel Connect CLOUD phone network can do for your business.

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